Common Questions

Please review some frequently asked questions.

Q: How long has Tail Spin been in business?
A:  We have been in business for over 15 years.  We have over 75 thousand happy customers. 

Q: How long does it take to receive my keepsake?
A:  We are quick!  As soon as we receive your horsehair, we will begin working on your one of a kind keepsake!  Our turnaround time is one week or less from the day we receive your horsehair.  We will send you an email confirmation when your horsehair arrives.  

Q: How do I collect my horsehair?
A: Take the longest hairs from the middle of the tail right below the tailbone.  Cut 2 small amounts from different places close to tailbone.  The final amount should be about the width of a pencil.  Use a rubber band around the hair, and put in a Ziploc bag.  Label the Ziploc bag with your name, phone number and order number.  We will return any hair left over with your keepsake. 

Q: How long does the hair need to be?
A: Bracelet: 10 inches in length, Pendants: 8 inches in length, Globe Necklace: 6 to 8 strands of hair, Tassel Necklace: 3 inches in length, Horsehair Necklace: 4 inches longer than your desired finished length. Key Chain and Tassels: 5-7 inches in length, Rings: 8 inches in length, Cuffs: 10 inches in length, Earrings: 10 inches in length. 

Q: What if I only have mane hair?
A: We can definitely create something for you with the hair you have.  Tail hair is ideal as it is more durable, but we do make keepsakes out of mane hair.  If your hair is not at least 10 inches long there are a couple of options for the shorter hair!   A Tail Spin tassel, key chain, or our glass globe necklace is a great way to keep your horse close to you.  Our exclusively designed Tail Spin horseshoe end cap and trigger snap clip are .925 Sterling silver and are included with tassels.  Key chains include the horseshoe end cap, natural gemstone and key ring.  For your tassel or key chain, we need a pencil width about five inches in length.

Q: Can my keepsake be made from more than one horse?
A: Yes we can mix the hair of multiple horses into your keepsake.  When placing your order please note in the box "Special Instructions for Tail Spin" if you would like us to keep different horsehair colors separate, blended or a chunky blend.

Q: What is the difference between the 3 strand and 4 stand braid styles?
A: The 3 strand is a flat braid and the 4 strand is a round braid.

Q: How do you size the bracelets?
A: Use a soft measuring tape or dental floss for accurate measuring of your wrist. Measure for your bracelet is by taking your exact wrist measurement, then add an inch and a quarter (1.25 inches).  Please add the 1.25 when entering Bracelet size on your order.  Example: Wrist Size: 6 Bracelet Size: 7.25.  This will be your finished bracelet length which includes all hardware.  Your bracelet will be a comfortable fit, not too tight and not too loose.  Typical bracelet sizes are Small 7 to 7.25 Average 7.5 to 7.75 Large 8 to 8.5. 

Q: How are the bracelets made?
A: Tail Spin Bracelets are made with detailed attention to quality and durability using only the finest materials.  Bracelets are made from your horsehair and .925 Sterling silver hardware.  We offer two different braid styles, four strand round rope and three strand flat braid and several sterling charms available to choose from.  Each keepsake if custom made and is non-refundable.  We stand behind our product 100%.  Care for it as you would all of your fine Sterling jewelry and your bracelet will last a lifetime!

Q: Does the hair need to be washed before mailing?
A: We are proudly endorsed by Cowboy Magic and will wash and prepare your hair with their products!  If your hair is excessively dirty, please pre-wash it.

Q: How do I care for my horsehair keepsake?
A: Tail Spin Bracelets are made with detailed attention to quality and durability using only the finest materials. We wear ours every day!  They can get wet, but we suggest that you do not swim or shower with them on.  Lots of customers tell us they never take theirs off!  We stand behind our product 100%. Tail Spin Keepsakes are hand-crafted with our exclusively designed .925 Sterling silver end caps and findings.  Care for it as you would all your fine sterling jewelry and your keepsake will last a lifetime!

Q: How does the order process work?
A: Tail Spin custom horsehair jewelry is hand-crafted using your horse’s tail.  Our exclusively designed Tail Spin horseshoe end caps are .925 Sterling silver and are included with every keepsake.  Place your order online, then put your horsehair into a Ziploc bag. Label the Ziploc bag with your name, phone number and order number and then mail it to the address listed below.  We will send you an email confirmation when we receive your order, as well as when your horsehair arrives. 

Q: Can I personalize my charm?
A: Yes, we can engrave up to 12 characters including spaces on selected charms. Charms available for engraving: Heart Charm, Spirit Horse Charm, Lucky Charm, Horse Lover at Heart Charm and Round Charm.  Double line engraving is available on our Spirit Horse and Horse Lover at Heart charms only.

Q: What if I don’t have a horse, are bracelets available for purchase?
A: Yes, please choose from Our Private Collection, we have beautiful colors to choose from.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order if I order from your Private Collection?
A: We are quick! Your order will ship 2-3 days once we receive your order.

Q: Where do I ship my horsehair?
A: Tail Spin
2230 Fairview Rd. Unit 10129
Costa Mesa CA 92627

Q: What shipping company do you use for shipping?
A: We use USPS.  You will receive an email when your keepsake is complete and on its way to you, it will be tracked and insured.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We do not accept returns on custom made keepsakes or gift certificates. 

Q: What form of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal.