How It Works

Tail Spin custom horsehair jewelry is hand-crafted using your horse’s tail.  Each one of a kind treasure is designed and created with detailed attention to quality and durability using only the finest materials.  Our exclusively designed Tail Spin horseshoe end caps are .925 Sterling silver and are included with every keepsake.  Place your order online, then put the horsehair into a Ziploc bag, label it with your order number and mail it to the address below.  We will send you an email confirmation when we receive your order, as well as when your horsehair arrives. 
Collecting your horsehair:
Take the longest hair from the middle of the tail right below the tailbone.  Cut 2 small amounts from different places close to tailbone.  The final amount should be about the width of a pencil.  Bracelet: 10 inches in length, Pendants: 10 inches in length, Globe Necklace: 6 to 8 strands of hair, Tassel Necklace: 3 inches in length, Horsehair Necklace: 4 inches longer than your desired finished length. Key Chain and Tassels: 5-7 inches in length, Rings: 8 inches in length, Cuffs: 10 inches in length, Earrings: 10 inches in length. Use a rubber band around the hair, and put in a Ziploc bag and label with your name and order number.  We are proudly endorsed by Cowboy Magic and will wash and prepare your hair with their products!  If your hair is excessively dirty please pre-wash it.
Please mail your Horsehair to:
Tail Spin Bracelets
2230 Fairview Rd. Unit 10129
Costa Mesa CA 92627
We are quick!  As soon as we receive your horsehair, we will begin working on your One Of a Kind keepsake!   Our turnaround time is one week or less from the day we receive your horsehair.  Please include your order number with your horsehair.  You will receive an email confirmation every step of the way!  When your hair arrives and when your keepsake is shipped.  It will be shipped via USPS, tracked and insured.
Love horses, but don't have your own?  We can help!  If you don't have your own horsehair, we have a beautiful selection of our own horsehair for you to choose from.